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Sep 4
Click and Drag - Tokyo Ghoul | Human/CCG Edition 
Can be screenprinted
Find my Ghoul edition here.
Coming Soon: Akame ga Kill Click and Drag Game
Sep 3


Hello! It’s 22:50 in my town, and just right now I’ve done creating the game.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Friend. Click&drag and see who in GTA V world your friend would be.

Has crush on you. Click&drag and see who your secret admirer would be.

Rival. Click&drag and remember this once for all.

Was robbed by you. Click&drag and be proud of yourself.

Birthplace. Click&drag and imagine that country as your nanny. Be aware: There are a lot of countries on Earth and I just couldn’t put them all in a one gif, but I’m still sorry if you haven’t found yours. Moreover, it says only about birthplace and nothing about nationality.

Support. Click&drag and see who would you have to shake every problem.

Safehouse location. Click&drag and pack your things! You’re moving to the new home.

Victim. Click&drag and go to the next frame urgently. No one of those victims will suffer from your actions and let it go unpunished.

Weapon. Click&drag and take your weapon. You’re ready to prove your opinion without any worry.

Sep 3


This is my first Click and Drag game at a friend’s request. I’ll try to add more characters(including girls) soon.

Sep 3
Click and Drag - Tokyo Ghoul | Ghoul Edition 
Can be screenprinted
I plan on making another Human/CCG Version.
Sep 3


my fourth aph click and drag game - academy-themed!

in celebration of heading back to school cries

Sep 3


Become a huntress/hunter at Beacon Academy. Enjoy. .U.

Sep 3


lmao i decided to do this because i’ve seen so many and they’re always fun so yea, tell us in the tags who you got!

Sep 3
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