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ooo For my first time : 
Best Friend : Asahi - Childhood Friend : Kageyama - Crush on Me : Kuroo (^▽^) - First Kiss : Daichi - Future Husband : Kuroo ; Oh yeah, this is my destiny (≧∇≦)/ - Lover : Daichi - Rival : Yamamoto - High School : Aobajousai - Position : Libero 

And You ? (⌒▽⌒)

Tokyo Ghoul - Requested by anon | Have fun!


Wanted to create a click and drag game for SOS. Shouldn’t do the print screen/Gyazo method with it since it will hit the same character in all the categories (unless that’s what you want).

Time for me to check it out. =3

BleachRequested by anon 

Click and Drag Game - Team builder (Tokyo Ghoul)

Enjoy ^___^


click n' drag to see your results!


How to Play?

  • Click on one of the moving gifs and drag the image onto the side of the dashboard. You will see one of the characters in that gif. The character that you see is either Your Best Friend, Your Enemy, Your Roomate, Boyfriend, Girlfriend or the character that kills you. 
  • For example if the character chosen is Cinder on the Best Friend section then Cinder is my best friend. Then move onto the next gif. 
  • Note: If you have a slow connection then gifs might be slow. 
  • Note: This won’t work on most tablets or mobiles. If you are on a tablet or mobile then screenshot this.  
  • Image Credit: (x)