Click and drag game, second edition, because the first one is pretty outdated.

Aldnoah.Zero: Click & Drag Game
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ooo For my first time : 
Best Friend : Asahi - Childhood Friend : Kageyama - Crush on Me : Kuroo (^▽^) - First Kiss : Daichi - Future Husband : Kuroo ; Oh yeah, this is my destiny (≧∇≦)/ - Lover : Daichi - Rival : Yamamoto - High School : Aobajousai - Position : Libero 

And You ? (⌒▽⌒)

Tokyo Ghoul - Requested by anon | Have fun!


Wanted to create a click and drag game for SOS. Shouldn’t do the print screen/Gyazo method with it since it will hit the same character in all the categories (unless that’s what you want).

Time for me to check it out. =3

BleachRequested by anon 

Click and Drag Game - Team builder (Tokyo Ghoul)

Enjoy ^___^


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